Dreams to sew


It has been a good first week of September. We enjoyed a nice quiet Labor Day. As it always seems with the shorter holiday weeks, they tend to be a tad bit crazier than normal weeks for some reason, or maybe it’s just me. Despite a few twists and turns life brought us this week we are all doing well and pressing forward. 

For this weeks blog post, I asked my mom if she would be willing to help me out. Because she is my awesome naturally talented mother and one of my best friends, she cannot tell me no (well really she can) and she obliged.

My mom has always been a great seamstress. She even made her own wedding dress way back in the day. Ok it wasn’t that long ago, my mother is forever young… I love you mom!!

Here she is on her wedding day, November 25, 1977. Isn’t she beautiful?

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I have always admired the way my mom makes sewing seem so simple. In my aspiration to be like her, I took sewing lessons at the age of 9. I remember making a pillow case. That is about the extent of my sewing abilities. I do not have much of a creative side. I can possibly save your life, but don’t ask me to decorate or sew because you might get hurt in the process (unintentionally of course). However, now that I am older, it really is something I have been wanting to do for awhile. Not just for the cost savings aspect of it but because I compare it to being able to speak Spanish. It is a nice skill set to have, comes in highly useful in certain situations, and can provide you with what you need to go places.

A few years ago, a sweet lady even gave me a sewing machine to help fulfill these dreams of mine. Up until this week,  it sat in the top of my closet awaiting me patiently. Every now and then I would quote Jeremiah 29:11 to it while I picking out my outfit for the day. “For I know the plans I have for you.”

My sewing machine, awaiting to fulfill it’s purpose in my life. 

Isn’t it funny how we can have all of the tools literally handed to us which are necessary to succeed or to start on something but it simply takes an initial act of getting started to flesh out our dreams and goals? Maybe that’s the real message here.

But this week I felt Jeremiah 29:11 coming into full prophecy for my sewing machine.  My mom and I etched out a day in both of our calendar’s in which we were both off and planned it out. She then taught me how to make a straight skirt using a simple skirt pattern, which I will share with you today.  How exciting!!!  Because if I can make it, anyone can. Si se puede! You can do it! If you are a sewing pro, you may now roll your eyes and laugh at my giddiness. But I have been wanting to do this for what feels like forever, so I am excited.

Even my daughter made her own skirt from this pattern which she wore on the first day of school.So proud of her! It can be accomadated to any length and size.

Today I will not go over how to work a sewing machine or how to thread the bobbin or anything of that nature. I will leave that up to you and you tube videos and/or professionals. I am just going to share a simple skirt pattern my mom uses to make a skirt in a jiffy.

Length of project –  About an hour


1 yard of fabric (for average size person)

1 inch wide non-roll elastic

Thread to match Fabric


measuring tape



Iron & Ironing board


1. Measure hips at widest part. Obtain your measurement and then add two inches. Write that number down. For example my hips measure 44 inches, I add two inches to that, so my measurement will be 46 inches.  In this picture we measured 23 inches because the material is folded in half, but when you open it that would equal a total width of 46 inches.



2. Next you are going to determine how long you want your skirt. I like for my skirt to fall about an inch or two below my knee, but you can make this skirt however long or short you wish.  So from my waist I measured down to where I wanted the skirt below my knee. I chose 28 inches. Then you will add 3 inches to that number and write that number down. So for me I wrote down 31 (28+3 = 31).


3. Now you will cut out your material based upon the measurements you wrote down.

4. Once you have your material cut out to fit your measurements,  you will take the two length edges of the skirt and sew them together.



5. Once you have sewed the two edges together, with the skirt inside out,  you will need to iron the seam allowance open.  Now you have a basic shell of a skirt.


6. Now to sew a small hem at the top of the skirt and the bottom of the skirt. You will take the top of your skirt and fold down 1/4 of an inch and pin it. You will then do the same to the bottom part of the skirt, fold down 1/4 of an inch and pin it. Iron the pinned portion down then sew it down to the skirt.



7. After sewing the edges 1/4 of an inch down on the top and the bottom it is now time to create the casing where the elastic will go into. So you will want to first measure the width of the elastic to allow for enough room, then fold down that amount of material. It should be about 1.25 inches. You will pin that down then iron it.

8. You will then sew the top edge down on the skirt and allow for about a 2 inch opening where you will feed the elastic through. We placed pins to remind us where to start and to stop so you don’t end up sewing past where your opening will be.



9. After creating the casing for where your elastic will go it is now time to feed the elastic through the casing. First you will need to measure the elastic around your waist and cut off one inch extra. So if your waist measures 31 inches, you will cut it at 32 inches.

10. Take a safety-pin and pin it to one end of the elastic and take the other end of the elastic and pin it down right outside the 2 inch opening. This is so you can keep track of it. Feed the elastic through the opening until you bring it all the way around.

11. Next we safety pinned the two ends of the elastic together and I tried the skirt on to make any final adjustments to the elastic and how it feels. Once you make the adjustments and move the pin where you want it to be you then sew the elastic ends together.

12. We used a zig zag stitch, going vertical to sew the two ends of the elastic together at the spot where you marked. After sewing the elastic together, cut off the excess elastic.

13. Now it is time to close the 2 inch opening where you fed the elastic through. Sew the opening shut.

14. The final part left to sew is to create a hem on the bottom. You take the 1/4 inch you had sewed up and fold it up another 1/2 inch. Pin this and iron it. Then you will sew it to the skirt. This is what the inside of the bottom hem should look like when you are done.



15. Congratulations! You now have a completed skirt. Iron skirt and cut off any hanging threads and enjoy your craftsmanship. If you have any questions or comments please comment below! Thanks for stopping by!



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