Day 2 – Thankful for my Husband

My heart is beyond full of Thanksgiving as I sit here and think about just how good the past year has been. It doesn't mean it has been perfect, but it has been better beyond what I could have ever imagined. This will be my first holiday season to be married and to share it... Continue Reading →

5 days of Thanksgiving

Hard to believe today is the Monday before Thanksgiving. It feels like we just wrapped up July yesterday. While I know we are taught and told "In everything give thanks...." this week I wanted to take Monday through Friday and share 5 specific things I am thankful for. I hope you will join me in... Continue Reading →

Simply Standing

Of late I have found myself in a few situations where I feel as though I have no control, and have no idea where it is going. I have actually tried to take control of the situation myself to no avail. Despite whatever I do, nothing seems to happen. Every day the answer seems to... Continue Reading →

Super Simple Supper

Today I am going to share a super simple chicken crock pot meal and a variation of cornbread my brother came up with. The crockpot recipe is great for those busy mornings when you need to get out of the door in a hurry and know you don't want to fool with dinner when you... Continue Reading →

Birthday Recap

Birthday's are always a good excuse to indulge and explore. It seems when you live in a large Metro area there is a never ending list of places you want to visit. The problem is, it is easy to get stuck in a routine where your world seems to revolve around the same 1.5 square miles... Continue Reading →

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